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Grell Sutcliffe


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NAME Grell Sutcliffe
REAL NAME Geoffrey Burnett
RANK A Rank       SERIAL # 18880911M
ROOM M67       ROOMMATE Kurogane

AGE Unknown (appears to be in 20s)
HAIR Red         EYE Green
HEIGHT 5'7 (with heels 6'1)

MAIN LANG. English (British accent)
2ND LANG. Japanese honorifics only

IMAGES 1 / 2 / 3

POSSESSIONS Standard Landel's equipment, canon outfit worn at night (see image 1), fake eyelashes and lipstick, box of scalpels and one pair of surgical shears, lotions from Doyleton Bath and Beauty, a chainsaw

NOTES During the day, Grell wears round thin-framed glasses and has his red hair tied back in a ponytail unless otherwise noted. At night, he has the red glasses on and wears his canon outfit. It is possible for him in times of great duress to produce his deathscythe, but not for long.

OTHER Grell is a death god dispatch officer and, as such, will be distinctly non-human to anyone who is able to sense that sort of thing. He has sharp teeth and a tendency to be overdramatic, bloodthirsty, and absolutely insufferable about romance. For further information on pronoun use, please refer to the HMD.

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