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Contact, Comments and Criticism

If you would like to contact me (the player) about anything, or leave comments or criticisms about how I play Grell Sutcliff, please use this post.

Anon is on, IP logging off, all comments are screened but may be unscreened for a short amount of time while I reply.

EDIT 12/15/2010: Regardign the use of personal pronouns for Grell in prose writingCollapse )


ATTN: Bill's Hardware People

Hello~ to all the lovely people in and around the outside of Bill's Hardware. Grell is being a crazy biatch and is going to be throwing live (hur hur) zombies off the roof at you. You can easily kill them, but be aware that bitey zombie bodies are going to start raining from the sky in a bit. He'll be throwing them off toward the front of the building, facing Main Street in a round or two.